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Developed at one of the most successful tax offices in the country, TBP Pro utilizes a technology driven, turn-key approach for you to offer bookkeeping and payroll services to practically any business. Within a few days, you will be offering these important services to your clients and generating monthly year-round revenue.

TBP Pro is a true partner that handles most of the accounting work while you focus on building the relationship with your clients. TBP Pro is with you every step of the way.

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Learn about the year-round profitable services that you can offer.

Most tax offices around the country face the same dilemma: They make almost all their money in the 4 months of tax season and pay bills and expenses for the entire year.

And every year, it seems that more and more people are filing their own taxes online. By adding accounting services such as bookkeeping and payroll, a tax office can easily become a year-round revenue machine.

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TBP Pro SmartNet

Access Our SmartNet Application to Manage
Your Tax & Bookkeeping Business

It's almost impossible to grow your business without tracking and measuring your results.

TBP Pro SmartNet is a comprehensive, easy to use office management system to track your tax, bookkeeping, and payroll clients. SmartNet also handles your marketing, invoicing, and training along with state-of-the-art reporting dashboard highlighting your sales revenue across the board.

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A 360-degree view of your business revenue. View your income totals, by service, by month and category. Know your numbers in real-time and all the time with SmartNet reports.


Track all of your clients' information in single location that is online, safe, secure and easy to access when you need it. Say goodbye to paper or complicated spreadsheets!


Create and send professional looking proposals to your clients. Get paid online faster in a secure way. In just a few clicks, you can create a proposal and collect payment.


With TBP Pro SmartNet, you can track your entire sales process in real time and online. You can access your leads, sales, proposals and clients data online.

TBP Pro SmartNet

The Only Solution You Will Ever Need to
Grow Your Tax, Bookkeeping and Payroll Business!

With TBP Pro SmartNet, offices can manage and grow their client base as well as their revenue. Being accounting pros ourselves, and with 35+ years of industry experience, we know what works. You get access to marketing resources, training and tools to promote your business and get/retain more clients. We'll help you promote on social media and other channels.

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You get access to marketing resources, training and tools to promote your business and get/retain more clients. We'll help you promote on social media and other channels.


Track all of your tasks from a single place. Create your appointments and tasks in SmartNet and never miss another appointment. Don't lose any opportunities!


Track your customer visits in your office and online. Maintain proper follow up with your clients and to ensure satisfaction.


You can count on us when you need us. Support is key to your success and our success. We guide you through the entire processing of getting clients, delivering the services and supporting your clients.

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TBP Pro Tax App

It's Time to Get Your Own Customized Mobile Tax App

Take advantage of the remote tax office revolution! We provide you with a customized Mobile App branded specifically to your business. Set yourself apart from the competition as your app will be available to download directly from the Apple Store or Google Marketplace. Complete tax returns 100% remote with data collection, appointment scheduling, and live-streaming meetings.

Complete Your Clients' Taxes

Your clients create personalized accounts that allow them to securely send and receive documents.

Live Video Conference Call

You can chedule a live video call with your clients to add the personal touch to the remote experience.

Get Paid Faster

Your clients can view and pay your invoices via the app. It's easy and secure.


TBP Pro Tax App allows your clients to send you messages, so you can provide them with support.

TBP Pro Tax Software

Whether you have a home-based office, multiple store-front location, or a Service Bureau, we have a package to meet your needs!

With our TBP Pro Tax Software (Web/Desktop versions), you will be able to have a productive and most importantly, a profitable tax season!

TBP Pro is proud to offer the following tax preparation software solutions: TBP Pro Desktop, TBP Web Value, TBP Web 1040 and TBP Web Professional .

All of our packages are easy to use, extremely accurate, and offer a host of time saving features. Of course, we provide you with timely and reliable tax and technical support for each of our softwares and ensure your 100% satisfaction.

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We are building the largest tax and bookkeeping pros community in the Nation, and we want you to be part of the movement! In that in order for us to grow as entrepreneurs, we need to associate with like-minded individuals. We are TBP Pro, and we want you to be TBP Pro as well!

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