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NTAP (National Tax Audit Protection) is revolutionizing the Audit Protection service.

Your clients deserve to be protected at a fair price with the peace of mind of being backed by a team of professionals.

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Why Offer Tax Audit Protection to
Your Tax Clients?

With over 35+ years of experience in IRS and State audit protection services, our team of tax and legal professionals can ensure your clients returns for up to 3 years.

For a simple flat rate of $28, your clients’ return is protected for 3 years! All returns are protected by attorneys and CPAs at a Nationwide Law firm specializing in tax law. Our proprietary system allows you to quickly and easily get an electronic contract to your clients, accept payments, and store their important information. As a tax professional, you also earn revenue as well through our generous rebate program.

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Tax Audit Protection

Why should tax professionals use NTAP?

Better Product

NTAP is simply the best audit protection in the Nation. Your clients will have an entire law firm that specializes in taxation in their corner in case of an audit. This protection lasts for 3 years.

More Flexibility

NTAP is not processed through your tax preparation software. Therefore, no matter what program you are using, you can offer the service! Also, NTPA is not processed through bank product returns so it’s easy to offer to any client!

Additional Revenue

Earn a rebate of $10 for each NTAP Audit Protection you process! And, at just $28, those should add up quick!

How It Works

Here's how we protect your clients' tax returns. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Prepare their tax return.

Our system works with any tax preparation software. With NTAP, you don’t need to change software or process a bank product to get paid.

Step 2: Inform your client of NTAP's Audit Protection Services.

When your clients agree (and most of them will) simply use our system to quickly email them/text agreement at their convenience.

Step 3: Your client easily accepts the product.

After accepting the product, your client pays, and you, the client, and NTAP have all the necessary documentation to provide your clients with the standard 3 year IRS reach back audit review protection!

Step 4: OK, there is a step 4.

But, we don’t think you’ll mind; get paid $10.00 for your services for each NTAP contract.

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NTAP Audit Protection